Sunday, July 31, 2005


Main Street Revival

An interesting article in the Enquirer. I am honestly not sure what prompted it. There is some good news recently (Kaldi's Re-Opening), and the article announces the initiation of a monthly club live music event called, Exile on Main. But it's going to take a lot more than a new monthly event to turn things around down there. I really want it to be a lively enviornment. I want the street to be shut down on the weekends to allow open container and club to club traffic. I want the streets to be clean and well lit. I want security, security and more security. I was down there this month for two events, one at Harry's and one at Jefferson Hall... both great clubs and both events were very fun.... however, I can tell you that I didn't feel all the comfortable. That needs to change, because I am someone who is not put off by the city, so if I am feeling uncomfortable, I can tell you others are feeling downright petrified. If Cincinnati is serious about an enterainment district, they need to be serious about crime and safety.

You're right is the top concern. Maybe the business owners should (or already do) collectively hire additional security. Definately more lighting, and more activity in the streets. The safer people feel in the streets, the more likely the crowds will come.
They should close Main past Jail alley and turn it into a walking only...only problem with that would be Greg's Antiques, but i don't know if he has a rear loading dock anyway. It would cut down on crime and really open the place up. I work right there next to the social services building and even in the daylight i don't feel safe walking around.
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