Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Kaldi's Back - Officially

Well, the rumors have been flying for a while now, but the Enquirer made it official today. Jeremy Thompson (who currently runs concessions for Bengals) will be buying and re-opening the OTR staple, Kaldi's Coffee and Books. I am super excited about that, and it's great to see they'll bring back live music and be part of MPMF.

We'll need to get Lily Pad live on Main Street for their official re-opening in late August. I'm glad to see this happening, it's great for the neighborhood which seems to chronically have it's ups and downs. But there certainly are a ton of new residential units coming online in the area and the Art Academy is about to open, which will be a built in customer base for the coffee house.

Update: Kaldi's will have a soft opening on July 29th for Final Friday. They will then have the following schedule in August leading up to an official Grand Opening for Final Friday in August:

Will it have beer?
They do have a liquor license... and they'll be serving beer...hooray!

Not only that, but they'll have draft beer for the first time ever! And even better they are supporting beers with local ties. With Hudepohl, Burger, and Barrel House (Awesome!).
I'm going to try and make it next Friday. I have many, many fond memories of Kaldi's, and have spent hours on end there with a drink and a couple of friends ... local bloggers should all get behind this one ...

Hopefully the Know Theatre can synch this with their opening next week ...
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