Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Big Loss for Covington

Someone needs to fix this. It's not clear whether the owner that's getting foreclosed on is the issue, or the banks are the issue, but the closing of Madison Theater in Covington makes no sense. I don't understand how the banks that are foreclosing think they are better off with a vacant, decaying building than they are with a music venue booking regional and national acts. Charles Attal Productions is a huge draw for our area, and it had to be causing Bogart's and Clear Channel fits that they were competing with some of the big names.

I am hoping that CAP doesn't abandon the region, and that they can find a venue in the area to continue operations. I know there is a venue in OTR in the old Emery Center that would be a great location for them, and really bolster the Main St. Entertainment district.

But someone needs to step up, the city of covington needs to see what they can do to keep CAP in place and building the area into something bigger, or they've just taken 10 steps backwards for their business district.

This is really a shame. It was great to have national acts in Covington, and in time I think the areas around the theater would continue to improve. Now, even if someone comes in to take over the venue, we've still lost a golden opportunity to bring in quality acts.

Two steps backward for Covington.
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