Tuesday, June 14, 2005


What's Wrong With This Picture?

Well if you are Alicia Reece, the problem is it has 5 white faces.

And Vice Mayor Alicia Reece, a Democratic candidate for mayor, held up the
front page of Saturday's Cincinnati Enquirer, with a photo of city and county
officials, one of the developers, and Reds and Bengals officials lined up for
the announcement - five white men.

"This picture tells a story about how we're going to do business," she said. "We talk about how we're going to have inclusion, but I look at this picture, and I don't see inclusion at the top level of the decision-making process. ... It left out a whole segment of people who pay the sales tax.

Okay, there are so many things wrong with this. First of all, it is terribly racist. What does that mean, that if you are black you can only represent black people, and if you are white you can only represent white people? That is inherently racist.

Secondly, let's take a look at the picture and who is in it. Mike Brown, President of the Bengals (owns parking rights at the Banks), I suppose they could have had Marvin Lewis or Chad Johnson sit in, but 1) They likely wouldn't be interested and 2) they wouldn't be the ones involved in making any concessions the Bengals might make on parking.

Next, John Allen (CEO - Reds). Same thing, as the Bengals, they own parking. Next, Pat DeWine (Hamilton County Commissioner), no choices there, all 3 are white males. Next (Luken, we'll come back to him). Finally, Bill Butler (President - Corporex). Again, obvious choice for the press conference, he owns Corporex and will be integral in making the banks happen. Does this mean that no minority or women owned business will be involved in the Banks project? Of course not. I am going on record now to say that significant portions of the development will be managed by minority owned businesses. Just like the Bengals, Reds Stadia and the Freedom Center were.

Back to Luken, could he have been replaced by a minority or woman from City Council? Surely he could have. However, he IS mayor. So is this really a display of keeping minority interests down, or is this just Reece playing the race card because she wishes she could have had her face on the front page of the Enquirer?

I suspect her problem was not as much with what roles were represented, but with the fact that those roles aren't held by anyone other than white males.
Notice a behavioral pattern with Alicia Reece? Nobody with any clout in the city could possibly take her seriously, and that infuriates her. But rather than recognizing her own ineptitude, she always pulls out the race card. Each night before bedtime she ponders: "Oh why, oh why couldn't Mike Brown have had a black father? Oh why, oh why couldn't a black developer have stepped up to the plate rather than Bill Butler?"

Must be racism, Alicia.
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