Friday, June 17, 2005


More LilyPad

You may have seen in today's Enquirer a couple articles about Project LilyPad. This project which I mentioned about a week ago is an intiative to bring free wifi to every public space in the region. This project is a mini-project of Give Back Cincinnati with it's own leadership team, and should help to bring attention to our region.

The article by James Pilcher goes into detail about the project, and an article by Maggie Downs gives a brief insight into LilyPad and other initiatives in the city that will help to reshape our image. So, hop on... go wireless, and help create a buzz about our city.

A few of you emailed after my last post with interest. I haven't forgotten about you, and will get back with you early next week. You and everyone else can also now hit the website for more details about the project: LilyPad USA. If you hadn't previously contacted me, but would like to help with the project, or would simply like to assist in making your local public space/business distrcit wireless, shoot me an email:

Why not do what they tried to do in Texas and completely ban municipal wireless networks?

I'm surprised your for something like this as I like it too. I thought gov't did nor right in your eyes.
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