Thursday, June 23, 2005


Lollapalooza - Battle of the Bands

The Madison Theater in Covington is hosting the Lollapalooza Battle of the Bands event. On Saturday, June 25th six bands from the area will compete for regional title. The winner of the regional in Cincinnati, Columbus, Chicago, anad Cleveland will play at the Madison on Sat. July 2nd to win a slot at the Lollapalooza event in Chicago July 23/24th.

The event is free, so come out and support your local bands. With the finals being held in Covington, we damn well better have the champion be one of our own!

Bands at the Cincinnati Regional will be: Cathedrals, Minni-Thins, Kamikaze Saucers, Moth and the Sundresses..... My vote goes to the Sundresses!

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