Monday, June 27, 2005


History of the Web and How It has Changed Life

This isn't local news, but I found the article interesting. It was just over 10 years ago (in 1994) that the first 'web browser' Mosiac was unveiled. Think about how dramatically the world has changed since that day. Here is just a few things that come to mind that weren't possible (or even imagined 10 years ago):

Those are just some things I can think of, and ignore the obvious (instant global news, email, etc). It's really astounding how lives have changed in just 10 years. It's really hard to think of how I was able to get buy before. I can't imagine going to a travel agent to get a paper ticket, or calling a bank teller to get my account balance. It's made life so much easier and effecient. And we're only just getting started... there is so much more that the internet can do.

As a 25 year police veteran in Boston who just retired to live with family in this area, I can tell you it has made a positive difference in law enforcement. Hoever, the bad news it has also created a lot of law enforcment issues and a new breed of criminal.

By the way, like your posts. You seem to be positive. I find that when moving to a new town, reading blogs can help a lot to tell you about people in a city. By the way, Cincy is great. A lot of whiners, but they are everywhere. If Cincy had the problems Boston faces, this town would implode from the sound of these whiners.
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