Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Hip Hop Youth Arts Center Making Strides

Concerned about Cincinnati Youth and their activity on the street? Ever thought, don't these folks have somewhere they can go, something to do? Well there is certainly a new kid on the block that is creating a unique draw for the urban youth. Providing not only a safe place where they can learn about themselves, self esteem, healthy eating and respect, but also a place they WANT to go. A place where their creativity can thrive, and it's all driven on almost no budget by a staff of 8 folks that DON'T get paid to do it. (lord knows I understand the idea of doing something because you want to do it and it's good for the community and not for a pay day... see Give Back Cincinnati and Project Lily Pad).

That Place is the Hip Hop Youth Arts Center at 1599 Central Parkway. Below is an update on what they are doing, the success they've seen, but more important what YOU can do to help! They've spent blood, sweat and tears getting this place going and making it successful, now they need your help to expand. To get even more programming going and get more of the at risk youth off the street and in a positive environment...

An average of 75 unduplicated youth walking in the doors every day to take
advantage of our programming on every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 to 10pm. Originally they hoped to have 30 people per night.

down tha way

from talking to the youth at the center the vast majority of people we’re working with don’t go anywhere else. Cincinnati is always so concerned about what to do with the young people on the streets downtown. Let em come to Elementz: The Hip Hop Youth Arts Center!!

There is no project that equals it when it comes to creativity and innovation in Cincinnati. In
fact, Gavin has been at a couple conferences around the country this summer and can
say confidently that what they’re doing is amazing from a NATIONAL perspective.

Let me encourage you to check out the website at, click on make
a donation
to do just that, check out the Wish List to see if you’ve got a Polaroid camera or fridge in the basement that we could put to use, and check the NEW Volunteer Wish List for how you could help us out.

More Information? Contact Gavin Leonard -

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