Thursday, June 23, 2005


Enquirer Front Cover

I'm honored... first time I've ever been quoted on the front page of any newspaper. Project Lily Pad was in the news again, as we've inked our first grant for hardware, and our first site sponsors. We have dozens of others in the works. We'll see how fast we can get them online!

Free internets! You must be some kinda commie!
Awesome project, congrats on the front page mention...
Probably not the right thing for a dad to post, but I chose to do it anyway. Kind of proud, not just for this, but because you are a very good person who tries to do what you see as best for a lot of folks and do it consistently. And you also married very well.
Hey, noticed your dad posted. Does he even know what wi fi is? From what I read on your blog, he seems to know people pretty well.

On the project, not sure what I believe about it. Nice to have if you need it, but I think too many folks need to get out more and when they do, get out to meet the folks, not bury themselves in a laptop. Hell, I was out the other day talking with a guy for about 10 minutes only to find out he wasn't talking to me but to the thing stuck in his ear. Made me feel like a damn fool which many folks say I am.
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