Sunday, June 26, 2005


Art by the Scoop

What a great idea from the folks at Artworks. Bring art to the masses and to kids via ice cream truck. What better way to get kids interested in art than by luring them in with the sound of the ice cream man and free ice cream. That's exactly what his happening with the Artworks "Scoop City Project"

The truck will drive through urban and suburban neighborhoods this summer delivering free UDF ice cream, engaging kids in arts projects and attending special events to pass out Artworks student art. This is the same group that was behind the Big Pig Gig, and the Art-o-mat vending machines. Great work once again... why don't you contact them and ask about sponsorhip opportunities!

Great idea. Isn't Reds owner involved with UDF?

By the way, Greaters ice cream is the best I have ever had and we have some good one's up in Boston.
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