Sunday, May 29, 2005


A Taste of Beauty

What a wonderful day for Taste of Cincinnati... No Clouds and 70 degrees. Good food, good music.

There was one 'black spot' on the event. It appears that someone in the street department thought it would be a good idea to tar central parkway sometime in the last couple weeks. This of course resulted in wet gooey tar all over central parkway resulting in some sticky feet. Now, this didn't seem to bother me too much personally, there were lots of people playing the 'typical Cincinnati' card. This is of course unfair, and the type of low self esteem that Cincinnati struggles with all the time. Taking the one bad thing in an otherwise great event and taking that as the take-away. I guess some may say that's exactly what I am doing in this blog entry. However, I am just trying to highlight what I observed. I wouldn't be surprised to see an article about this in the paper.

However, until Cincinnati gets over the inferiority complex that it has, these are the types of things that officials in Cincinnati need to be very aware of, and avoid making decisions like the one to tar a street just prior to a street festival.

But it was a great event, and I feel like the booths were spaced out better this year avoiding large areas where it was difficult to move. And the new Kroger Garage and Condos looks great. I hope a lot of people were able to see that progress, as well as the banner for the new Art Academy moving into the old Barrelhouse Brewery. Two great new projects for the South part of OTR!

I agree with most of your post, but come on, that Kroger garage is a hideous joke. Those red screens look like a construction fence. It's also rather absurd that they're building the condos/rowhouses on Vine with wood framing. This ain't the 'burbs. Those buildings need some permanence.
I also agree with your post for the most part. The Taste of Cincinnati was quite enjoyable. The tar was a little annoying, but not that big of a deal. The weather, food and beer made up for a very minor inconvenience. I agree with archtopus, though. The Kroger Garage is just ugly. Not to be a dickwagon here, but it's an expensive piece of crap in an otherwise beautiful (but rough) neighborhood. They could have at least put some brick on exterior. It would have blended in much better.
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