Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Ride Your Bike 1000 Miles in a Month

Yeah, I know.. that's insane. I don't even get in my car for 1,000 miles in a month. But in honor of Bike Month, and to raise some cash for the Lance Armstrong Foundation a good buddy of mine (and best man in my wedding), Chuck is on the path to do just that in May.

He's pulled together a blog to track his progress. Check it out, and even though most of you don't know him, toss $5 his way to encourage him to keep on bikin'. We're about half way through the month, and he's got a lot more riding to do.

He really should raise all that money and buy a car! What is he thinking?
Really love this kind of thing. Sent along a little cash today. Wish more folks got involved in life rather than sitting on their keisters. I remember the guy from around here that walked around the world. Do you remember him?
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