Thursday, May 12, 2005


New Details of Maisonette Site

Details are beginning to come forward on the plan at the Maisonette site in Kenwood. The restaurant will be part of a larger retail-office development site that will include 3 office buildings (with retail on the bottom) and a 1600 parking space garage. I'll say it again, I think their move is a bad idea (I think they target audience business lunches/dinners, and tourists are not going to make the trek from downtown to Kenwood to eat at a 5-star restaurant), but I do wish them luck.

Here is a great article about the Maisonette and the problems they are having. I will grant Comisar that he sees much less tourist business than he did in the past, so perhaps the move to Kenwood won't hurt him there, but I still think the style (suit jacket and 3 hour dining experience) are not what diners are looking for. They want quality, but they want relaxed and timely.

This is in my neighborhood and we are all excited about this addition to a growing area. I live in Deer Park on one of the quiet streets near by and everyone is excited to have a neighbor moving in that has already made moves for our input and responded favorably. So neat to see with businesses today.
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