Friday, May 27, 2005


More Urban Living News

The ancedotal evidence I have seen about new condo developments and sales was validated by a report from DCI today in the Enquirer. The new developments are increasing, sales are increasing and sale prices are increasing. I like to think that I get a little bit of both worlds with my home in Newport. Proximity to downtown and work (I can walk to work downtown), proximity to entertainment/restaurtants in Newport and Downtown, but also have the luxury of a small but manageable yard, and the family neighborhood atmosphere.

It's great news to see the Urban Core revitalized. While downtown living certainly isn't going to be for everyone (the target is obviously YPs and Empty Nesters), a strong and thriving downtown is better for the entire region. The stronger and safer Cincinnati is, the more attractive Cincinnati and N.KY suburbs are going to be. I have great hopes for the continued resedential boom, and for things like the Fountain Square redesign. Soon we need to see some of the ammenties come to the urban area like grocery, delis, restaurants, etc that maintain the same hours as suburban equivalents.

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