Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Love Ya Huggs

People say what you will about Bob Huggins. Everyone does. The good, the bad. The failure to win in the NCAA, problems with players (most recently Roy Bright), drinking and driving, you name it. He has certainly had some problems, but what people fail to talk about is the unwavering support he recieves from his players (current and past). All you need to know about Bob Huggins can be summed up by these statements:

"I plan on fulfilling my contract," Huggins said. "I love the players. I think I have an obligation to them, certainly to their families - and I think to the fans in the city of Cincinnati.

"People have been unbelievable. They've supported me when I needed to be supported. They've always been there. I believe in fulfilling obligations. I fully intend on doing that."

So even faced with a clear indication that he is no longer wanted at UC, he is staying. He is fulfilling his contract... why? Certainly not because he couldn't find another job, but because he made promises to the kids that play at UC, and he intends to keep those promises. That is what Bob Huggins should be known for.

I disagree. I think what Bob Huggins should be known for is doing whatever he can to win and never quite getting over that hump. The problems of college sports extend well beyond Bob Huggins to be sure and you could argue that he worked within the framework he was given and I would agree with that. I would even agree that he really cares for his players. But... let's not forget that this is the guy that recruited a 6'8" 250 lb. guy that had beaten up his grandmother when she wouldn't give him the keys to the car (Dontonio Wingfield) among other miscreants, stocked the program with transfer students (too many to name) and guys whose stated intent was to go to UC for a year and then hit the NBA (Satterfield, Johnson). He really made a mockery of the term student athlete. He also cancelled the UC – Miami home & home series to schedule such luminaries as Oakland University at Shoemaker just so UC basketball could make a few more dollars. That's all well and good, tradition wasn't his thing and really it was Steger who had to give his okay but it came back to haunt them at tourney time when the competition wasn't the cupcakes they got their 20-30 wins against every year. That's how I and many others will remember him, not just a blight on the name of the University but not even really a great coach.
Back when Tony Yates was coach the team sucked but at least Sports Illustrated didn't name us the least rootable team in the country. At least when UNLV was reviled they won a national title. That will remain the knock on Huggins in my opinion. If you are going to recruit guys that have no interest in being in college I would say that you should end up with a title and, thus far, Huggins has not.
What a stupid comment horosho. So your point is that you hate the guy for the players he brought in, but would love him if he won the national title. You have some very screwed up values.
I think Huggins came into a program and saved it after several years of embarrasing performance. Huggins had a great offer to go back to W. Virginia a few years ago and stayed and Cincinnati was delighted. Now we get this new President and she is embarrassed by Huggings. I am embarrassed by her. If she doesn't want him here, have the guts to fire him or shut up. She is in charge and she is leaving the University hang out to dry. If this is leadership, God help UC.
"People have been unbelievable. They've supported me when I needed to be supported. They've always been there. I believe in fulfilling obligations. I fully intend on doing that."

Huggins then vomited on his shoes.

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