Wednesday, May 11, 2005


It's Final - Democrats Pick Council Slate - Includes Lynch

Damon Lynch may be respected in the African American community, but if I were a Democrat I'd be upset by the fact that much of the race will focus Lynch's boycott support, and outlandish comments he made about Cincinnati Police Officers. It will likely end up hurting many of the non-incumbent Democrats on the ticket. Charter and Repbulicans will jump on this as an opportunity to pick up seats, especially since 2 Democratic incumbents (Pepper and Reece) are running for mayor and can't run for council.

UPDATE: There was a comment posted asking about Lynch's 'Outlandish' comments. Well here is only a sample, and probably the most prominent. When trying to gain traction for his city-wide boycott, he sent a letter to an unknown number of organizations, entertainers, etc across the country. In the letter (signed by DL III) the most 'outlandish' statment is:

"Police are killing, raping, planting false evidence, and along with the Prosecutor and courts are destroying the general sense of self-respect for black citizens"

I know, it sounds unbelievable that a man running for the City Council of Cincinnati would have made comments like this less than 4 years ago (Read the entire text here). He has never retracted this statement or aplogoized for it. I know that he means well, and I personally would set aside the past if he were to say that comments such of these were ill-advised and that he was sorry for making them.

What were the "outlandish comments he made about Cincinnati Police Officers"?
What's outlandish about Lynch's comment that "police are killing, raping, and planting false evidence..."? A quick examination shows they are true.

Cincinnati cops did KILL. There's a long list of people killed by the cops including Roger Owensby, Jr., Timothy Thomas, and Lorenzo Collins.

Cincinnati cops did RAPE. Patrick Knight and Kevin Walker used their gun, badge, and power to force women to have sex with them. That's rape.

Cincinnati cops did PLANT FALSE EVIDENCE. Sgt. John Sess admitted planting drugs on a suspect. Sess was fired and later rehired and given a promotion!

People like you don't like to hear the truth but it is THE TRUTH. No one should apologize for speaking the truth.
Nate, Thanks for your comments. I want to start out by saying that I've gained more respect for you from reading your blog the last few months. I realize the characterization of you in the media is not the whole story.

Now, on to this topic. I won't get into a debate about whether an officer using force while on duty is Killing, as that is not the focus of this debate. What I am concerned about is generic use of the word 'police'. But sighting a couple cases and then saying 'Police are doing X,Y,Z' is not truthful. I suspect that if I added a link here to a story of murder in OTR committed by a black man, and said "Black people are killing our citizens" you would take offense to me blanketing an entire group of people because of the actions of one.

Perhaps the intention of the letter was not to indict all Cincinnati Police officers but that letter and other comments made by Lynch certainly gave me that impression. So, that is what makes the comments outlandish to me. Are you willing to say that the vast majority of the officers in the CPD are providing a great service to the city? Would Damon Lynch agree with this?
Joe, I love your blog and followed one of your links to Cincinnati Blog. On that blog, under a post about Cincinnati Country Day canceling a pro abortion speaker, I found language and bigotry that was horrible. This site clearly hates people of faith and seems to really hate Catholics. I was not sure if you are aware and wonder why you would associate yourself with this site????
Ellen... thanks for you comments. I understand your point, and I myself find that Brian's blog is over the top. I think he acts as a radio talk show host. He feels as though his job is to provoke response, and he does a good job of that. I think he makes outrageous comments just to get people going, and it definitely is inviting for the folks to make their semi-anonymous comments online.

However, I think there is value in knowing what others think, and reading things that you specifically don't agree with. It may open some eyes, and actually prompt people to take more action if they know that opinions like that are out there. Perhaps it will prompt you to embrace your Catholicism that much more, and to pronounce your beliefs on a more regular basis.

I do respect your thought around removing the link to Cincinnati Blog, but as of yet I am not taking that step.
I also like reading your blog and went to the link for Cincinnati Blog. I tried to engage in some dialouge on the blog to correct some information regarding Catholic issues. Upon doing so, I got called everything possible and found some of the posts filled with hate and anger. Not sure I need to see what this group thinks after a short review. Hateful people always think the same things. This whole groups seems lost in hatred of anyone of faith unless they go in a hole and shut up. The Nazi party did this when anyone in Germany spoke up and millions eventually died. Sending someone to a site like this and some of the others says I condone this type of hatred. From your post, I know you are a better person than this.
By the way, here is a great site in Cincinnati for you to look at. Like to hear your comments.
Thanks for the comments. I've added the link you put up. However, I am still leaving the link to Cincinnati Blog. I understand the outrage you have towards comments made on that blog, and I agree that some of them are over the top. Brian is confusing to me at many times, and his banter and profanity do not endear him to many, however I stand by my comments that reaching out and understanding folks that have hatred towards your beliefs can only make you stronger in your convictions.
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