Monday, May 16, 2005


Give Back Cincinnati and Habitat Ecuador

For those that don't know me, or my role in Give Back Cincinnati, I am the Advisory Board Chairman of the group. We have a new initiative in 2005 the Give Back Cincinnati Road Show. We will be taking 12 folks to Catamayo Ecuador, and I am among the group that is going. It should be an amazing trip. So as not to distract from the content on this blog, I have created a new Blog - Give Back Ecuador. I am raising funds for the trip, and would like to make a sizeable donation to the Habitat Ecuador Affiliate. Rather than just beging for funds, I have created a challenge for myself that will hopefully encourage people to donate, while at the same time whipping myself back into shape.

Cincinnati USA and Catamayo Ecuador are 2984 miles apart, so for the next 100 days I will attempt to run/walk/bike 2984 minutes and over 1000 miles. I am asking for pledges per minute of activity ($0.01 donation would equate to roughly $29.84 over the next 3 months - ending August 23rd).

HELP ME RAISE $3000 for Habitat Ecuador!

So check out my blog and progress and donate. I will eventually create a website to track the pledges, and you can make payments via paypal, but for now, I want to get started, and will track the pledges manually via email (

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