Friday, May 20, 2005


Findlay Market Sundays, Markets On Main, and CitiFest - The Best of the Urban Core!

I know, I know.. I've kind of beat this one to death, but I wanted to send out a reminder about it, and there is a new piece of information that I hadn't mentioned before.

Findlay Market will begin it's Sunday Hours this weekend (11 AM - 4 PM). There will be a brief ceremony on Sunday to kick off the effort. Also new to the market is "Essen Strasse". German for 'Food Street', it will accomplish a long time goal of the market of providing an atmosphere for on-site dining. With café-style tables and 17 different food vendors such as Mr. Pig, Helen's Grill, Me and Julio's, Mejana Express, Tara's Coffee Shop, Kroeger Meats, and Luken's Deli.

Now on to the 'new' information. Also this weekend is the re-launch of Sunday Markets On Main (11 AM - 3 PM). Located in the Main Street Entertainment disctrict and North Main, the market will consist of regular stores, and street vendors creating an outdoor bazaar of crafts, food, jewelry, art and more. So come on down to Findlay, grab some lunch and then head on over to Main street, and enjoy the retail market!

When you are all finished with that, head over to Newport for CitiFest (Sunday is the last day) to view some unbelievable homes. Come on down and find out what the Urban core (on both sides of the river) have to offer. It should be a truly amazing day, and the weather looks great!

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