Thursday, May 05, 2005


Findlay Market Sundays and Flower Festival

Give Back Cincinnati and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful completed an upgrade of the South Parking lot of Findlay market. Painting a mural, and creating a new garden to make the south lot more inviting to guests. Some come out and see the work, and enjoy the market.

And there are two upcoming reasons to come back to the market if you haven't been in a while, or make your first trip. Saturday and Sunday May 21/22 is the 2nd Annual Findlay Market Flower Festival. The event (9AM - 4 PM Saturday, 11 AM - 4 PM Sunday) will feature dozens of local florists, live music, and presentations on gardening.

Also that same weekend is the launch of Sunday shopping hours for the market. So the new Sunday hours, the revamped south lot and mural, and the flower festival... if you were ever looking for a reason to go back to the market, or make your first trip to this Cincinnati treaure this is it! See you there!


Wanna bet Sunday sales ain't gonna work?
Define 'work'
I think they will work and plan to be there on a regular basis. Sunday really works well for me and I have talked with a number of others that now plan to go as well.
We were down at the market last week for the first time in years thanks to your post. We took along a group of ten people and had a blast. Also went by to see your handiwork with Give Back.
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