Sunday, May 01, 2005


Dems Make Their Suggestions - A Bengal and a Boycotter

While these aren't the final endorsements, it's likely that the nominating committee suggesitons will be picked up next week by the Cincinnati Democratic Comittee. The list of 6 candidates include:

- Damon Lynch III - Yep, that one, the head of the Black United Front and the boycott of Cincinnati. While DL III appears to have gone 'mainstream' with his 2003 Council run as an independent, it seems to provide an easy target for other candiates against not only Lynch, but other Democrats.

- Jeff Berding - VP of the Bengals

- Eve Bolton - Unsuccessful Hamilton County Commissioner last year.

- Cecil Thomas - ED of the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission and Police Detective

- Wendell Young - Also a former police officer.

- Samantha Herd

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