Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Damn the Reds - Support the Drummer

You've all seen him. I can almost guarantee that. Unless you've lived under a rock, moved to Cincinnati yesterday, or have never made it from the suburbs to downtown for a sporting event, you've all seen him.

The Reds don't deserve our dollars right now. I am not usually the fair-weather type fan, but until they make real adjustments to the lineup, or make an effort to clean-up their act, you should all save your money. Instead of going and dropping $10 bucks on a Reds ticket, and $20 on beer/hot dogs... drop $5 in the bucket of the drummer man, and head to Game Day (on Pete Rose Way), and spend $10 on beer. You'll save some money, and support a great bar... And you'll give the Reds time to show you they really want you to come back to the park.

Word on the Drummer is that he is a spray hitter with little power but a decent glove. Should be quite an improvement.
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