Thursday, April 14, 2005


Sundresses Save Us from Boy Bands

My favorite local band and 2 time SXSW alumni the Sundresses are going to save us from the dredges of Justin Jeffre and his boy band infamy. See Brad Schnittger (Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Player, etc for Sundresses) is outraged as I am that Mr. Jeffre is trying to make a game out of the Cincinnati Mayor race. Justin declares that he is 'determined to win', so Brad is going to run for mayor, 'determined to make sure 98 degrees doesn't win'.

On a side note, Brian at Cincinnati Blog mentions this as well, but says that he doesn't know Brad. Since Brian is a big fan of Jake Speed, (even mentioning Jake in a post today), I am surprised that he didn't know that before the Sundresses, Brad sat in with Jake Speed and performed on Jake's latest CD.

All Schnittger needs to do is bring his petition forms to every live show and ask people to sign them there.

He won't have much competition from Jeffre - Jeffre says he has no campaign staff, no campaign ads - he's just running on the strength of his wildly-popular boy band.

Not sure who I'll vote for - but it probably won't be Schnittger or Jeffre.
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