Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Reece on Crime - Don't Ruin My Evening Plans

It's not a joking issue. There is serious debate about whether crime is up or down. 'Statistics' reported recently indicate violent crime in the city is down. Anecdotal evidence by community members and recent rash of shootings indicate the opposite. So, a meeting was convened to talk about it. The Enquirer has a write up about it, and while some important issues were discussed I found this to be entertaining, after a debate about whether Reece's presentation or residents should be heard first, Law Committee Chairman David Pepper ruled that the residents would be heard first. Here is what follows:

"I don't care if we have to be here all night," Reece told Pepper. "This is an important issue, Mr. Chairman."

About three hours later, after residents spoke, Pepper asked several times if Reece still was in City Hall and wanted to speak. She had left the building, an aide said.

"Once I found out all he was going to do was muzzle me and prevent me from making my presentation, I left in protest," Reece said later.

What I get out of this is, Reece thinks crime is important and wants her voice to be heard on the issue. If however, residents are so concerned about violence that they speak for 3 hours, well then Alicia loses interest... after all, she doesn't want to waste her whole evening does she?

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