Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Let the Reign Begin

What exactly is a 'transitional pope'? Many are calling Pope Benedict XVI just that. Indicating that because he is 78 his reign may be short. Seems silly to me. The man looks remarkably healthy, and in today's world there is no saying that a person can't live well into their 90's.

But it looks like we have a Pope set to continue on in the tradition of John Paul, socialy liberal, and morally conservative. I personally wish that some of the religious conservatives in the US would model themselves that way. Take the moral high ground on all issues, not just those sexual in nature (Birth Control, Abortion, etc). Speak out on the plight of the politically, religiously, and economically repressed. Take a hard line stand on poverty in 1st world countries, just the same as you do on sex education. If you are pro-life, then be pro-life all the way. I've never understood how someone can be pro-life, but be pro-capital punishment. What gives us the right to take someone's life, and if there is a one in 3 billion chance that the person being put to death is innocent, how can you be pro-life and take that risk.

But I digress. Congrats to Cardinal Ratzinger. May you help lead this world to peace!

Das Lassen eines deutschen Papstes gut für jene Italiener sein werden.
Jene römischen Makrele-Esser brauchen gute deutsche Führung.
Heil Bennie!
Es ist ein Teutone Sieg!
Having a German Pope will be good for the Italians.
Those Roman makerel snapper need good German leadership.
Hail Bennie!
It is a Teutonic victory!
Didn't we see the German efficiency try to unite with the Italians one time before?

I think this Pope will do some wonderful things to help complete the work of Pope John Paul II. I saw on a post elsewhere that if he lives for 6 years, he will appoint replacements for 48 Cardinals. With this and what John Paul did, they will impact the Church for the next couple of generations.

Not sure I understand what you think the previous Pope of this one could do differently on speaking out on those repressed. Do you have any ideas? Have you read John Paul II encyclicals or the writing of the new Pope who I think has over 40 books published? I think they speak volumes about these issues and his homilies in this country were pretty strong on the messages of run away capitalism. He lectured President Bush on the war based on the harm it would do to the poor in Iraq pleading for other ways to solve the problem. He called out against Capital Punishment.

Some do not listen and think he has said nothing. I have to laugh that some think that the Pope should come out for passing out condoms in Africa as a solution to AIDS. How many Africans who are in need of condoms listen to the Pope????

I hate the attack on Pope Benedict being a Nazi when anyone with an ounce of knowledge and history knows that this is nothing. He was 14-17 years old when forced to join and both times, in the Hitler youth and later in the army left even when he could have been killed for desertion. Because they hate what the church teaches, they attack the messenger.

In closing, I saw a funny post on another blog about Benny Hill and Pope Benedict looking very much alike. I like the old Benny Hill show on TV and also Monty Python which drove my wife crazy. Take a look.
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