Monday, April 04, 2005


It's Opening Day - A Cincinnati Holiday

(Peanut Jim)

Seriously... if you are at work today, can you explain why. Whether you're a baseball fan or not, you should be taking part in this event. It's bigger than baseball, it's a civic holiday, and it's as Cincinnati as Cincinnati gets. Unfortuntaly we no longer have Peanut Jim, who used to sell fresh roasted peanuts (though his memory stays alive in a song by Jake Speed, and has recently been represented in the Findlay Market Parade each year by Councilman Jim Tarbell). We also no longer have the big St. Bernard's running about (or Marge for that matter). We still can't have Pete Rose on the field. But even with these missing icons, the parade, the game, and baseball in Cincinnati live on. It's a time of new hope, where the reds are equal with everyone else. We're not chasing the Astros or Cardinals, we are all on equal ground... so get out of the office, and get downtown. Don't have tickets? Go to In Between Tavern or the newly opened GameDay, and take the in the game and a couple beers. Cheers!

My favorite baseball tradition is striking during the World Series. I can only hope they do the same this year!

Go Alex Sanchez!
I am lucky enough to work downtown, and I had a chance to walk around the parade route. It's always a great day for the city of Cincinnati, and a chance to show off some of the good aspects of downtown.

One of the funniest sights was the crowd of random men that just happened to be standing around on the walkway where Channel 5's Sandra Ali was doing her broadcast.
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