Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Good Bye Maisonette

Hello Kenwood. The Maisonette ended it's long struggle of 'Do I stay or Do I go?' They have solidified a spot just down from the Kenwood mall. I suppose it's a good thing for them, but I do wonder if the location move will endanger their 5-star mobile rating.

I do wish them luck, I am sad to see them leave downtown Cincinnati. However, I am very happy to see that City Council did not fork over the $4 million that Comisar was looking for to stay in town. It is after all only 1 restaurant, and apparently one that not many people are interested in (seeing as business has been down).

They are also opening a banquet facility, and what I am guessing is a blues club (Baby Got Blues) at the new Kenwood site. Perhaps the new location, new look, and new services will equal success for this long time Cincinnati tradition.

Hate to see this resturant leave the city but think the new site will work well for them. As a lifelong resident of the area, I remember Cincinati when it was the place to go for everything. Some of earliest memories were taking the bus downtown to shop with my mom and stopping at a department store for lunch. Christmas was always special when the big stores put up displays. We would come down every month or so to see a movie at the Albee on the big screen. No one thought about it not being safe.

I remember the first shopping center which was Swifton Villiage and people came from all over town to visit it. Clearly this was the beggining of trouble for the downtown area with huge free parking and easy access. The freeways in the 60's brought access to moving further out and government action to tear down areas and create public housing drove down neighborhoods creating huge trouble spots. This was true all over the country. In some cities like Chicago, they moved the public housing way out of town.

We also lost treasures like Crosley field for the antiseptic Riverfront. It is too bad we did not build the new park on Broadway Commons which would have revitalized that entire area. Not sure how we make the city take off again but it gives me hope to see young people like you trying.
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