Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Covington set to Ascent

I talked about this earlier. But the design is set to cross it's final governmental hurdle tonight. With the reviews it has gotten, passage by the Covington City Commission should not be an issue. Now it is time to finalize the design, costs, and funding and start turning dirt. The project won't be completed in the next couple days by any means, but when it's complete it will be a gem for the Covington/Cincinnati area.

Having Daniel Libeskind architect a building in Covington is great. The Enquirer has a listing of some of his other projects:

World Trade Center
Denver Art Museum extension
Fiera Milano
Imperial War Museum North
The Jewish Museum

Wonder why this is not getting more press? I saw it in the paper, but this is one beautiful building and Kentucky is finally giving those on the Ohio side something to look at.
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