Friday, April 29, 2005


Civic Garden Center - Plant Sale

The Civic Garden Center has great programs for enhancing Urban Life. One of my favorite programs is the Neighborhood Gardens. Not only does it redevelop vacant lots and turn them into areas of pride for the community, but it also teaches life skills for parents and children. It's just an all around outstanding program.

This weekend is one of the Center's annual fundraisers, the 2005 Plant, Herb and Hosta sale. Not only is it a fundraiser, but it offers great plants at a low price. So head on out, buy Mom a plant (Next weekend is mother's day) or something for yourself and support this great organization. The Garden Center is at 2715 Reading Road at William Howard Taft.

I understand that there is the number 1 potter in the USA at the sale throwing pots Saturday and maybe Sunday. He was there Friday. The turnout Friday was very good.
Not sure what Sour was talking about. Could he be talking about the show at Old Coney which had horrible weather?
I really need some stuff. Your site works well for me to find out what is happening in town.
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