Sunday, April 17, 2005


Broadband, Voice, Data - It's a Party

The market continues to get cramped for the voice, data, and internet consumers in Cincinnati. Already you have Time Warner offering Cable, High Speed Internet, and Voice of IP telephone service. This prompted Cincy Bell to step it up, combining their traditional business of land line and wireless phones with DSL high speed internet, and coming this fall TV services over the phone line.

Now Cinergy is poised to expand on their 'experiment' in Hyde Park and start to expand their High Speed Internet over power lines offering. They are using it as a way to streamline their operating costs (managing the flow of power during peak times, and automating meter readings) in addition to providing high speed internet. They are also talking about WiFi offerings (which is another discussion, as Cin Bell and Time Warner are doing the same).

It will be interesting to see who can provide the best service at the lowest cost. Eventually someone has to 'win', as it doesn't seem like a good model to have this many vendors providing overlapping service and expect them all to be profitable.

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