Saturday, April 09, 2005


And the Bricks Begin to Fall - In Norwood

It seems like this battle's been going on since I was 5 years old. Well, they are starting to turn the dirt over in Norwood for Rookwood Exchange. I've mentioned before that while I feel bad for those that didn't want to leave, the fact of the matter is that those that are 'holding out' are 2 businesses owners, and a landlord. Not exactly a tug on your heart string contingent of homeowners. Those that I feel bad for are the ones that thought it was going to be a quick process, sold to the developers and bought a new home, and have been paying two mortgages ever since. I'm glad to see the project moving forward.

Shame this had to happen this way. A lot of the folks that sold their property got screwed and I hate to see government coming in and forcing moves. Kind of like the Schiavo case were there were no winners. Unfortunately, nothing was resolved as to these type of things happening in the future for either of these things.
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