Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Painted Ladies to Get New Neighbor

Looks like the development on the Northwest and Southeast corners of Delta and Columbia Parkway is finally set to move forward. I think it'll be good for that area, though I am not sure how much of a 'neighborhood' it can become. There are a large number of commuters that move through that area each day, and I am not sure you will convice them that slowing and stopping in the neighborhood is something they'll be happy about. But the new sidewalks, and some local services could help the East End Neighborhood known for it's painted ladies. It will also continue the trend of development in the East End (Columbia Pkway and Eastern Ave).

looks nice
Do people not know how to build appropriately urban projects in this city? What in the world is a big parking lot doing in the front of something that's supposed to be a community-oriented town square? Cars do not contribute to community; they belong behind the building and on the street so the area can become a pleasant, outdoor experience rather than another suburban-style parking lot.

And if we ever do get light rail, that CSX line would be part of the route. A pedestrian-friendly development would make transit far more attractive.
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