Wednesday, March 30, 2005


New Local Media Outlet - Independent Eye

The Independent Eye has launched their new website after their weekend opening party at Alchemize. The online paper (soon to be a print paper as well) will focus on the city, media, arts, and music. It has some interesting features including EyeGuide (an interactive guide to the city that readers can contribute to), and EyeBlog which is a feed of local blogs (of which The Nati is listed as a possible feed, and I appreciate that!).

I also find it quite interesting that they've got an article thanking those that made the Independent Eye launch party at Alchemize possible. In this article they thank Nick Spencer (for hosting them at Nick's club Alchemize), and then immediately thank Jason Haap (aka the Dean of Cincinnati). Why is this funny? The Dean was told to F* Off by Nick and removed from Alchemize at the very launch party mentioned above. I just find that comical, that the Dean was kicked out of the party that Independent Eye thanked him for helping make possible :) Oh, Irony!

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