Monday, March 28, 2005


Mapping Out Crime

Hoping to capitalize on the concept that 'information is king', a group of very connected individuals is building out the Neighborhood Support Center in Cincinnati. Sitting in the heart Over-the-Rhine (one of the most troubled, but immensely promising neighborhoods), the center will collect and report on crime data for all of Hamilton County's communities. The idea behind it is if you collect data and trends you can build community support (backed by concrete information) to go the city and police to get action. When communities are involved and residents have an understanding of the impact on crime, then you can target those areas and get results.

There is an impressive group of people behind this already. Lucy Logan, who started Who Killed Our Kids in 2002, and Gale Smith (a dear friend of mine) who is a local philonthropist, developer, visionary. Mike Allen (Yes, that Mike Allen) has picked up the NSC as his first consulting client. Say what you will about Mr. Allen, I certainly don't condone his actions in office, but he has the experience that will be helpful in making real changes in crime.

Visit the NSC online to see how you can help by getting involved or donating to the cause. I plan on meeting with those involved with the NSC this week, and will report back more later this week.

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As a relative of Tom Jones this service is much much more than a mapping service it has the power to track all information in one powerful system. Not only crime stats for Hamilton County but Warren, Butler, Clermont, Dearborn etc.
Also, more than crime, everything that can be inputted in this system will be and it's use as a developmental and industrial aid will be unparalleled in this area.
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