Sunday, March 27, 2005


Covington, Newport, Cincinnati - An Urban Neighborhood

Great article about downtown living. It focuses a little on the new Ascent at Roebling building in Covington that I wrote about last week. But it also talks about something I've always been a big suporter of.... Downtown living in Cincinnati doesn't end at the river. The downtown community is Downtown Cincinnati, Newport and Covington.

Christine Schoonover a downtown real estate agent (now working for Huff), who has been promoting urban living for years, says:

"It's exciting to see things on the riverbank in Northern Kentucky because I consider this a regional approach to living downtown. I'm not fighting with Kentucky and I don't want Kentucky to fight with us. People can walk across a bridge and enjoy the same things,"

The new building in Covington is going to be a great confidence builder for urban living, and along with the 4th St project, the American Building and others will hopefully spur further interest to move downtown. It's a big news project like The Ascent (with the same architect that designed the new World Trade Center in NY) that will grab the attention of Young Professionals and empty nesters (baby boomers) that downtown living is targeted to. If baby boomers in big numbers decide that they no longer need the white picket fence McMasion in the 'burbs because their kids are gone and they don't have to worry about schools, there could be a huge movement to urban living that would be great for cities...

For now, I'm just happy about the new developments and interest in urban living, if nothing else it bumps my property value.

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