Monday, March 21, 2005


Cincinnati Eating Boston's Lunch - Skyline Anyone?

Interesting article in Sunday's Boston Globe. It looks like the big mergers from P&G and Federated is starting to generate some attention for Cincinnati. It talks about some of the bad things in the past (Marge, Mapplethorpe, and the riots), but it focuses on how things are turning around. Cincinnati is a medium size 'livable' city with an abundance of attractions. From collegiate and professional sports, to an amazing selection of cultural attractions (playhouse, ensemble, taft, CAC, Aronoff, Music Hall, etc, etc) for a city of any size, let alone a city of 330,000. But maybe the most telling item of why Cincinnati is so great.... not only do you get all of these big city ammenities in a small city package, but you also get small city prices... Median home price $143,000, compared to 387,800 for Boston... You can buy two houses in Cincy for the price of one in Boston... no wonder my Buddy Rob never seems to have the cash to take any fun trips!

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