Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Boy Bands for Mayor

I mean... Jerry Springer was mayor of Cincinnati and we've even embraced him back into the city with his new 'political' talk radio show. So if that can happen, why not a boy band member? Justin Jeffre, a former member of boy band 98 degrees and cohort to the ever so popular Nick Lachey (Of Nick and Jessica), is considering running for mayor. He obviously has no real care about the office (as it lays out in the article, he's looking for VH-1 to create a reality show to follow his mayoral campaign, and it's not clear if he'd run if they didn't pick up the show). As David Pepper indicates in the article, this isn't what Cincinnati needs, this is a very important campaign for Cincinnati's future, and a reality show wouldn't be helpful... but one can only dream about the wonderfully choreographed announcement dance... er I mean announcement speech.

The Dean has even more exclusive content!
why not give him a chance, at least hear him out.
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