Thursday, March 10, 2005


Alejandro Escovedo Back in NKY - June 2

Alejandro Escovedo collapsed after a show in April of 2003. Hepatitis C had taken it's toll on the musician, sending back to his home in Texas to recover. He spent over a year of his life recovering, but the loss of income from playing music, combined with the medical bills was devastating. Being an independent musician Alejandro had no medical insurance. Friends and fans came together to create the Alejandro Fund to help pay his bills. Now that he is healthy (or at least healthier), the Alejandro Fund is still kicking, but is used to support other musicians in getting Medical Insurance.

Alejandro was once a relentless touring musician, frequently spending more than 5 months on the road at a time, playing to audiences ranging from 12 to 1200. Since his illness this life is no longer possible. He tours about one weekend a month. What this means is much less frequent visits by this amazing musician. The Southgate House is bringing him to town on June 2nd, and you better take the chance to see him. There is no telling how long it will be before he returns!

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