Monday, February 21, 2005


You Can't Win If You Don't Try

I started reading this article about Andrea Rosenthal and her passion for the Burnett Woods Summer Concert Series. I got about half way through, and I was completely on her side. It sucks that you start something and then when you push for the right thing to be done, the rug is ripped from under you, and handed to someone else.

Then I got to this part of the article:

"But at a meeting in 2003, park officials made it clear they preferred to assign the department's entire series of summer parks events to a single promoter. "We were saying, 'Hey, we're doing this for nothing. Why would you want to pay a promoter when we're willing to work for free for our neighborhood?' " DelGado says. Frustrated, the two Clifton women didn't submit a proposal at all. "It was just obvious it was going to be a big old waste of time," Rosenthal says.

Now I understand that they likely wouldn't want to submit a proposal to run the concert series for all parks in the Cincy Park system, but the best way not to win is to not submit an application. If they would have at least submitted their proposal to do the promotion of the Burnet Woods concert series for free, and gotten turned down, then I would have had more sympathy. But I can hardly be mad at Cincy Parks for not selecting someone who didn't apply.

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