Saturday, February 05, 2005


UPDATE: HDTV Super Bowl for Cincinnati

It's finally final. The Super Bowl will be in HDTV on Fox 19 in Cincinnati on Time Warner Cable (Channel 919). Glad to see it happen, not sure why it took so long.

HDTV signals are still a tangled web.

I bet a lot of people think they watched the Super Bowl in HDTV just because they ran out and got a set that said "HDTV" on it - even if they weren't tuned into an HD channel or had the proper box to decode the HD signal... that's why some people say they aren't impressed with HDTV. Anyone who has seen a real HD signal on a great set is forever ruined.

I get NYC network channels to get HD signals over my dish, but I had to play some games with DirecTV to make that happen. I'm behind a hill and can't get Cincy stations over the air. That said, the SB was great in HD, even if the halftime show was boring. Give me my boobies red states!
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