Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Smoking Ban Debate Continues

Two days after a Smoking Ban went into effect in Columbus, Cincinnati continues to hold debates, forums, meetings and discussions. I'm all for debate and making sure the decisions you make are sound ones, but there's also a component of leadership in being an elected official. I think this is a problem the city has in general, and why nothing gets done. There are several examples of this, The Banks has been a project in planning since 1998. What we need is leadership that is willing to take a few risks, make decisions that don't always have a 75% approval rating and get some things done.

I personally would love to see a smoking ban in Cincinnati (I think to make it work you need to get with folks in Newport, Covington and other communities). But I agree with Luken for once. Just make a decision. Ban smoking or don't, but enough public forums!

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