Monday, February 07, 2005


Perfect North Doing Well

I don't wish anyone bad ill, so I congratulate Perfect North on their Successes. However, I have never been to PN, not for tubing, not for boarding. I still hold a grudge against the hill... you see PN was one of the last places in the US to allow snowboarders to partake in the winter fun. Not until 2002-2003 did they allow the first boarders to hit the slopes. It wasn't until their key demographic (listed in the above article as teenage boys), was so overwhelmingly boarders that they couldn't succeed without the snowboard money. Maybe some day I'll get over it and head out, but it's just so inherently wrong. You can't ban me out of disgust for 'my kind', and then ask me to save your business once there's not enough skiers.

I'd like to echo Joe's congratulations to Perfect North's success. Furthermore, I even aplaud their initial efforts to keep the snowboarding riff-raff off the mountain. Snowboarding truly is a sport most fitting of idiotic teenage boys (often punks, drug users/dealers, and other anti-society droogs) and it is sad that the economics of the sport have forced the hand of Perfect North.

Regardless, Perfect North is a great regional option, offering skiing that's not too bad, as long as you come to it with a bit of perspective. Let's just hope they allow as many bumps as possible to cover their short runs.
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