Saturday, February 19, 2005


East End Development

Nothing probably to worry about too much. I doubt this project would be completed in the next 20 years, but it's an interesting look at development and how it gets started. It's easy to get excited about development in the city, especially when Cincinnati has a bad reputation for not getting anything done. However, there is one key thing to look at in this article:

"New condominiums are popping up along Eastern Avenue, with prices from $250,000 to $1.6 million - sometimes replacing the Appalachian families who have lived there for decades."

Now, I typically side with the developer on Urban infill, but gentrification is real, and a key question should always be asked, "Is there no where else that this project could go that would be less disrupting." In this case the guy owns all the land, so perhaps not a lot of long time homeowners would be displaced, but it's definitely something to ask. I know that a lot of the Appalachian population has already been moved out of the area with new condos. My wife's Montessori school is right up the street and they've seen a decline in the number of neighborhood kids attending.

As you noted, George owns all the property in question. There is only commercial use on the property, no residential.

Most of the commericial use is heavy industrial, ie material transfer, which is not preferable for the riverfront (at least at this location).

It's definetely not going to happen overnight, but you have to give him props for thinking "outside the box".
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