Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Bike to Cleveland

Okay, so it wouldn't exactly be a daily commute, but the plans are ambitious for bike trails in and around Cincinnati, with an eventual bike path that would run from Cincinnati all the way to Cleveland. (The only problem being that all the traffic would be Southbound, as no one wants to go to Cleveland).

For me the most exciting part is the proposal of finishing a Ohio River Trail that runs from Sawyer Point to Lunken and then up to Milford to connect up with the Little Miami Bike Trail. What a great weekend ride that would be. Now if there were just facilities to use so that people could bike to work without sitting in sweaty clothes all day.

Man, if they keep it up, maybe I will have a reason to move back! Sacramento's American River Bike Trail is one of my favorite recreational areas in the world. (Behind Blackcomb Glacier)

And what does "eventually" mean. When I can ride, we'll talk. In the meantime, get into shape so you can do the whole thing.
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