Friday, February 04, 2005


Bacchanalian Society - Winners

Went to the event last night.... what a blast. You need to check out the next one if you have never been. (Bacchanalian Society ). We didn't stick around to the end, but I understand one of the 5 winning shiraz (voted on by the attendees of the wine tasting in a blind taste test) was.... Charles Shaw "$2 Buck Chuck", from Trader Joe's. I have heard about it before Trader Joe's came to Kenwood, but haven't actually tried it. After hearing it was a winner, I need to go pick up a few bottles myself.

sounds cool ... I'm sitting here enjoying a nice bottle of red zin (yes, it is only 6:50pm, but hey, it's Friday) and at those prices - assuming the name isn't some kind of trick - I'm game for a "few bottles myself".

=Joe K=
Of course, in Ohio it's $3.49 Chuck. Somehow doesn't have the same ring...
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