Monday, February 21, 2005


Another Step in the Right Direction for OTR

Once again we're seeing progress in OTR. I can tell you that I would have never believed 6 months ago, that Tom Denhart would be looking to sell large chunks of his slumlord properties to private developers; Re-STOC (non-profit company the redevelops housing in OTR, albeit sometimes slower than most would like) would be holding discussions about developing market rate housing and selling some of it's property; and the Drop Inn Center would be open to discussions with corporate leaders about relocating some of it's transitional housing out of the Washington Park area.

Once again, I think the credit goes to 3CDC and it's ability to make things happen. All these discussions on OTR and the Banks are 100% right on to what Stephen Leeper (President of 3CDC) said would happen in his Sounding Board session with young professionals back in November. It's truly impressive, and they've got people doing real work behind the scenes. As soon as dirt starts moving on the banks and OTR, I'll be a lot happier, but the story in the Biz Courier is truly encouraging. Now I'm looking forward to seeing the final plan (including finance proposal) for the Fountain Square area, due in early Spring.

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