Tuesday, February 15, 2005


3CDC Prodding OTR Along

More movement by 3CDC (well not officially by 3CDC, but by Eagle Realty who's President sits on the 3CDC board). I have to commend the work they are doing. When the Fountain Square plans and road show first came out, I felt like they were going to be just another flop with plans but no action. But some of the movement seen in the last couple months leads me to believe that some real action is going to take shape in 2005 towards plans for OTR, Banks and Fountain Square.

In this case there seems to be movement by Eagle to buy a bunch of properties (over 2 acres worth) near Washington Park, and buy them from Denhart, one of OTR's long time slum lords. If this happens it will be good for the area, but it's still speculation at this point.

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