Tuesday, January 18, 2005


We Beat Ourselves Up

It's soooo Cincinnati. To always look at the negitive. What's wrong with the city? Why does Newport have the Levee? Why are the Banks sitting empty? There's nothing to do in the city, it's too dangerous to go downtown, and on and on.

Well that's just a bunch of crap. There are so many great things going on, and so many great people doing awesome things. I often find there's too much going on in the city that I can't get to everything I want to get to, can't see the things I want to see, or frequent all the great restaurants I want to go to. So I am going use this space to bring some of that alive, and if I slip and bitch about something every now and then, well I apologize, as I am sure it's bound to happen.

First question I have... why does it seem to be that anything that happens in Newport, Covington, or anywhere outside downtown Cincinnati is a loss for the city? I don't get that, opening the Newport Aquarium, or a new restaurant in Covington is simply a positive in my mind... so let's quit calling it a negitive!

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