Friday, January 21, 2005


Full Disclosure

While many bloggers tend to try to stay annonymous, I will not. I am a tech guy (IT Consultant for Accenture). I work downtown, and love the urban life. I life in Newport (yes, oh my gosh, I live across the river, I must HATE Cincinnati). I view Newport as being no different than Over-the-Rhine, just another inner city neighborhood of Cincinnati.

I am the current Advisory Board Chairman, and past Events Director for Give Back Cincinnati. Give Back is a non-profit focused on 'Developing Today's Communities and Tomorrow's Leaders', basically looking to provide leadership opportunities for Young Professionals in the city, hold some impactful volunteer and social events, and provide an opportunity for people in the city to meet some people outside their usual circles. I contend it's the best way to meet new people in the city. Very low pressure 'guilt-free' volunteering, that allows you to connect with folks in a comfortable way.

I'll get off my soap box now, but wanted to provide a little background on who I am as you read my posts.

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