Monday, January 31, 2005


Catholic Inner City Schools

'Save Our City' has an interesting blog on CISE (Catholic Inner-City Schools Education). While I understand that Catholic schools aren't for everyone, I think it's something to note the job that is done in these schools.

There are 8 of these schools in inner-city neighborhoods (Clifton, OTR, Northside, Walnut Hills, Price Hill, West End, Roselawn, East Price Hill). Look at some the stats from the last school year:

Number of Students: 1,269
Average Cost Per Student: $3,611
Percentage of Students living in poverty: 76%
Non-Catholic: 70%
Catholic: 30%
Minority: 72%
Caucasian: 28%

Results: around 96% of CISE students at area Catholic high schools graduate and many go on to college.

I definitely support CPS, and enjoy working with them through Give Back, but those results are impressive, especially at just $3,600 a student (much lower than CPS spends).

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